April 30-May 3, 2020
Hartford, Ct.
Hilton Hartford


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2020 Flyer

Ballroom Layout(pdf)



Due to some confusion & misunderstanding, I have reduced the number of locations for information on Swingin' Into Spring 2020 … Updates, Refund Policy, etc., down to one. The following link will bring you to that information page on my djkenm.com website. This should reduce those "I Heard...", "Someone Said …", "I read somewhere …" types of inquiries I've encountered recently. Some of that confusion may be my fault for not chasing down every forwarded post and correcting them.

This is the top article on the website and the ONLY place I will post updated information, and this is the link I will include in all Facebook, e-mail and other methods of communication from this point on.
If you don't see it here, it may not be accurate.

SiS 2020 Cancellation Policy


Ken Mercik Event Director

Contact Info: (860) 559-6179 email: ken@djkenm.com

Mario & Stephanie Robau Jr. Instructors/Judges

Mary Ann Nunez Judge/Instructor

John Lindo Judge/Instructor/DJ

John Festa Judge/Instructor/DJ

Arjay Centeno Judge/Instructor

Bill Cameron Judge/Instructor/MC

Blake Hobby Judge/Instructor

Kim Vannaman Instructor

Other Instructors & Staff: Anne Fleming, Erik Novoa, Neil Klein, Angelique Early, Willow Colson-Wall, and more TBA...

DJ's: John Festa, John Lindo, Joe Mahoney, Andre Russo, Joni Fraser, Andre Russo, Steve Neeren, and more TBA…


See flyers for pricing

An event with NO EVENING COMPETITIONS - just social dancing. No waiting until Midnight or 1:00AM for the party to start.

Event Highlights

  • Thursday Night Kick-Off Workshop and Party with Mario & Stephanie Robau
  • Saturday Night Blues & Soul Room w/John (Blues)
  • No Evening Competitions – Social Dancing All Night
  • 4 Workshop Rooms (Dancing * Workshops start at noon Friday)
    - 3 in WCS - Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
    - 1 in Hustle, Nite Club, and Country Western 2-Step
  • Main Ballroom open till 4am (or so)
  • Friday and Saturday Night Hustle Room 9:30-Midnight (or so)
  • Friday and Saturday Night All Request Room
  • Friday Night Instructors Jam
  • Lots of Social Dancing, Lots of Workshops & a Little Bit of Competition
  • Social dancing between all workshops. Practice and retain what you just learned
  • Beginner/Novice, Intermediate & Advanced Workshops
  • WCS Competitions-
    • Jack 'N' Jill - Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All Star
    • Strictly Swing - Novice, Intermediate & Open
    • Reverse Role Jill 'n Jack, Strictly Swing Format, Open, Fun Competition but will be judged (Female Leaders/Male Followers) 50/50 Jackpot, half to winners, half to charity for Animal Rescue
  • Beginner/Novice Track suitable for Beginner/Novice Dancers, and those learning opposite part. For Instructors and dancers considering becoming instructors
  • Don’t miss any workshops – Video Notebook Available with all Workshops & Competitions
  • Cash Prize for Winners in each competition … to be determined after competition registration closes. The more that enter, the bigger the cash prize (see website for complete info and rules).