May 3-6, 2018
Hartford, Ct.
Hilton Hartford

Hilton Hartford

315 Trumbull ST, Hartford, CT 06103 • 860-728-5151

INSTRUCTIONS - To Book Hotel Room
1) Go to - Hilton Hartford Main Reservation page.
2) Put in your dates
3) Click link that says"More Options"...
4) Click "Add Special Rate Codes"
5) Put "SIS18" in the box that says "Group Code"
6) Hit "Check Availability"

Hotel Price early registraion is $108

Deadline is April 8, 2018

Reduced parking rate of $10 per day - Unlimited in/out access.

Hilton Hartford is attached to Hartford Civic Center

Less than 300 yards from Bus/Train Station. Free Downtown Shuttle.
30+ Restaurants within walking distance.


DO NOT rely on the online system for the Hilton Hotel as the final word on the discounted rate and availability.


Please call the in house reservationists at 860-240-7201 if you get a “Rate Not Available” message. Why? There may still be rooms available at the reduced rate.

Due to their particular system, every year I run into the same problem. When setting up the online system, we have to choose the room configurations per night. Let’s say I have 200 rooms per night in the block. We have to determine what kind of rooms and how many to offer. As an example … *125 Double Bed Rooms *75 King Bed Rooms … So, If they run out of one of them in the allotment (Say Double beds)… even for one night … it will show “Rate Unavailable”, for the entire weekend …even though the hotel will gladly sell you a double bed room for the discounted rate. In this case you have to call the hotel and they will give you the room you want at the discounted price. *These allotment numbers are not cast in stone. I could have all 220 Double bed rooms in the hotel if necessary, and they will switch them around as one type sells out, but the online system will not adjust automatically. I know in today’s electronic age, online is convenient and given the choice, many prefer not take the time to actually pick up the phone … but unfortunately, the phone is still the most reliable method to make sure you get the lowest rate available. I apologize for the inconvenience, but there is not a lot I can do about it at this time.

NOTE: for 2018, the Hotel rate is good until April 8th, but the Online Reservations may say “Rate Not Available”. You must call the hotel during that week. Parking – The negotiated parking rate is $10 per day with unlimited in & out privileges. Unfortunately, your confirmation will show $18 or whatever the going rate is. This is automatically printed on the confirmations and there is no way to adjust this. Ignore the notation on the reservation confirmation. If you are uncomfortable with this, please contact the hotel directly and ask for banquet services. Have them check the negotiated price in the contract and verify it with them. Hopefully, if they receive enough inquiries, that will change the system.