May 2-5, 2024
Windsor Locks, Ct
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Competition Rules

Competitors are responsible for adhering to event rules, regardless of whether they have read them or not. … SO PLEASE READ THE RULES

All Competitions – Cash Prizes will be awarded in all divisions that have at least 5 leaders and 5 followers.
Should any significant changes in the schedule be required, these changes will be announced and clearly posted.
The organizer may, at its discretion, cancel any competition for which it feels insufficient entries have been received. In the event a competition is cancelled, all entrance fees will be refunded.

Jack & Jill Competitions

Jack & Jill competitions are designed to showcase a competitor's skills in spontaneous swing dancing and their ability to dance well with a variety of partners.  Competitors enter individually and are randomly assigned to several partners.

Preliminaries – Each dancer will be judged individually as a leader or a follower
Finals – You will be judged and scored as a couple

  • Partner selection is luck of the draw.
  • During the preliminaries, couples will be judged in heats and will rotate partners as many times as deemed necessary by the judges.
  • Should there be an imbalance in the number of leaders and followers entered in the contest, some contestants may be required to dance twice.
  • If semi-finals are required, an announcement will be made regarding the time and number of dancers chosen to advance. Couples will be judged in heats and will rotate partners as many times as deemed necessary by the judges.
  • In the finals, dancers will be randomly paired with one partner. The dancers will not rotate and will be judged as a couple. All finals will be judged in heats.
  • Contest music and the order in which it is played will be selected by the DJ's.
  • Each Competitor must compete at their current competitive level in either role - Leader or Follower. Exceptions to level are allowed for petitioning (one level down or up)
  • Each Competitor will get points (if they make qualified finals) in whichever role they choose for the one level Jack & Jill
  • The WSDC will record (and display) the points separated between Leader and Follower. Each competitor still only has ONE WSDC ID number and only listed once in the database, but points will be separated between Leader and Follower
  • The points will be TOTALED in order to advance that competitor to the next level
  • the WSDC recognizes the Petitioning Process for movement only one level up or down based on competitors current points. If the Competitor registers or the Event allows more than one level petitioning (up or down), points for that Competitor at that Event will not be recorded

Jack & Jill Levels

This is a World Swing Dance Council Registry Event. We will be using the WSCD Jack & Jill Points Registry to determine your division. The registry provides the points resulting from participation in national swing dance competitions. We use the guidelines put forth by the World Swing Dance Council

  • Newcomers - This division is intended for those dancers that have never been on the competition dance floor
  • Novice - This division is intended for novice dancers with little previous competition experience.
  • Intermediate - This division is intended for intermediate dancers with significant competition experience.
  • Advanced - This division is intended for advanced dancers with extensive competition experience at the national level.
  • All-Star - This division is intended for advanced dancers with extensive competition experience at the national level.

Competition Rules

Lifts, Drops, Breakaway, Routines are NOT permitted in Jack’N’Jill or Strictly Swing Competitions.

Breakaway - A set of symmetric or complementary movements or footwork executed by a couple who intentionally break contact (except for spins and turns), which is not a clearly leadable derivative of a recognizable swing pattern.

  • Drop – Any move where one partners head drops below the waistline of the other partner.
  • Lifts - Any move lasting longer than a full beat of music where the feet of one partner are clearly off the floor and the other partner supports the lifted partner's weight.
  • Routine - Any segment which, in the opinion of the judges, consists of prearranged choreography (to include symmetric or complementary movements or footwork)
  • Violation - An apparently intentional breach of the rules. Each violation shall be penalized by a drop of one or more positions in the final placement of the competition or disqualification from the event. Each violation shall be penalized at the discretion of the judge observing the violation. Examples of violations include, but are not limited to, a lift during a West Coast Swing Jack & Jill competition, the use of an apparent routine during the Strictly Swing competition, or breach of good sportsmanship.